November 24, 2006

Please Help Mike

Dear Readers,

I would like every one of you to send a letter to Judge Corbin, urging the Judge to provide review and end this injustice of delaying my case. Please use the sample letter I have provided for you here. You may alter it to your liking and then send it to the address, which you can find in the letter.

I thank you very much for your time, help and effort.

~ Mike ~

Judge R. Thomas Corbin
Lee County Justice Center
1700 Monroe Street
Ft. Myers, FL 33901

November 24, 2006

Dear Judge Corbin,

With this letter I would like to bring the case of Michael Lambrix to your attention.

To my astonishment the case of Mr, Lambrix has been before the 20th Judicial Circuit Court in Ft. Myers for almost nine years.

If the state courts can thoroughly review an original post conviction appeal, challenging the convictions and death sentences within 32 days in order to sign a warrant, then why does it take almost a full decade to provide review of a claim of actual innocence in the same courts?

In my opinion justice should be swift and decisive, regardless if it is a claim of innocence or affirming a conviction. Justice by definition should never drag its feet, even when none of the options favor the State. Justice delayed is justice denied.

I urge you respectfully to end this injustice, to expedite review on Mr. Lambrix’s case as soon as possible and end the prolonged uncertainty of his fate.

Sincerely Yours,