November 01, 2006

~Case Update~ November 1, 2006

Each date an update will be posted so that those who wish to follow my case can stay up with the latest progress and any new developments. This month I gave birth to this new blog. Like a new parent giving birth to a child this event brought with it a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. I would welcome any comments and suggestions on how I can make this even better. Please bear with me as I learn to walk in this new world.

Several people have told me that my blog entries are too long; however, let me explain that my objective is to post thought provoking articles on this blog so that those with the attention span greater than that of a mushroom can read a bit about both my case and the death penalty system from the perspective of someone who is actually condemned to death. I want to provoke thought not only on my own injustice but on the corrupt system as a whole. This isn’t about just me – I am not the only victim of injustice trapped within the system. By promoting awareness of why the system has convicted and condemned so many innocent people – and why so many innocent people remain trapped within the system, I hope to make a difference.

Once I have posted the longer articles, then I will attempt to focus on shorter weekly submissions as well as a monthly update. But I will remain hopeful that those who really want to know how the death penalty system works will want to read the full length articles previously posted. (Please see the menu links on the sidebar)

I am encouraged by the comments I have received so far, and I am inspired by the potential of this format to reach out into the world via cyberspace and give people a look from the inside out. But I need your help. I remain in a physical cage and am completely dependent upon the generosity and even sacrifice of a very few friends. A few letters to those in power to do the right thing in my case will not make a difference – we must make them take notice that this is not simply a whisper, but a collective scream for them to do the right thing. I need those who are willing to help to write physical letters to this Judge and remind him that Justice delayed is justice denied – it’s time to do the right thing!

This month saw only one development in the progress of my case. On October 23, 2006 the Judge, R. Thomas Corbin, sent a letter to all parties advising us that he has scheduled a telephonic hearing for October 24th, 2006 but apparently the clerk of the court “forgot” to mail that order out – how convenient! Judge Corbin then said, “the court is looking to rescheduling the oral argument (telephonic hearing) by separate order.” Of course, no separate order actually rescheduling this hearing has yet been provided. (Gee, what a surprise!)

This is indicative of the pattern of deliberate procrastination that has plagued my case for many years – why my claim of actual innocence has effectively been held hostage by this lower trial court for almost nine years now, and why my case will continue to drag on indefinitely unless I can generate outside support and an effective letter campaign encouraging Judge Corbin to expedite review and provide a final disposition. My wrongful conviction and condemnation itself pales in comparison to the psychological trauma of being condemned to solitary confinement and the prolonged uncertainly of my fate.

If you have not yet read the posted articles “Southern Injustice: Condemning An Innocent Man” and “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” then please take the time to read them now and please, please, please ask others to look at this site too!

As I have written before, it is said that evil only prevails when good men (and women) choose to do nothing. One person alone is a whisper easily ignored. But many by standing together our individual whispers will grow into a collective scream that cannot be ignored. What will you choose to do? Please write a physical letter to Judge Corbin and let him know that Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. The strength that keeps me going is knowing I am not alone and forgotten so please also write me so I’ll know my voice is being heard.

Thank all of you for caring enough to read this blog.

Judge R. Thomas Corbin
Lee County Justice Center
1700 Monroe Street
Ft. Myers, FL 33901

Michael Lambrix # 482053
Union Correctional Institution
7819 N.W. 228th St (P-dorm)
Raiford, FL 32026-4400