March 23, 2007

Prosecutor Charged With Sexual Molestation

It took federal agents in the Justice Department to end a campaign of alleged sexual molestation of inmates by a districts attorney in Franklin County, Alabama. This past month the now former district attorney John Pilati was indicted on federal charges that accused him of sexually molesting young men after they were forced to strip naked for searches at a local detention facility. John Pilati, of Russellville, Alabama will only face four misdemeanor civil rights violations, as the federal authorities do not have jurisdiction to pursue actual sex crimes against him.

Why did the federal agents have to investigate this reign of terror by a prosecutor who considered himself above the law? Because these southern judicial circuits are run by "good ole boy" gangs of corrupt state prosecutors who not only act with complete impunity as career criminals themselves, but remain protected from the law because they are the law in these area’s. Why isn’t former district attorney Pilati facing state charges as a repeat sex offender? Because the local corrupt state officials simply will not charge him. If not for the federal agents coming and pursuing these civil rights charges, this alleged pervert would still be molesting young men.

The real question is why is it that prosecutors are allowed to engage in practices that would easily qualify them as career criminals under state criminal statutes, but state agencies will not pursue investigations against them or hold these corrupt parasites responsible? If those who are responsible for upholding and enforcing our laws are themselves corrupt, then does it not stand to reason that the enforcement of the law itself in these areas will be corrupt?

People out there need to wake up and realize what’s going on. This isn’t about a single prosecutor being a sexual predator, protected by the law as he preys upon victims with complete impunity. This is about widespread corruption in our legal system in which career criminals are being allowed to “enforce” laws against others while engaging in corruption themselves. This is an epidemic in America, especially in the deep South, where long forged "good ole boy" clubs control state attorney’s offices for decades. Please read, “Anatomy of A Corrupt State Attorney.”

If you haven’t already read the website “Southern Injustice; Exposing Bigotry and Injustice in the South” then you should do so – exposing this epidemic of corruption is the only hope of instilling true justice.